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Training and Support



This Platform contains a set of training and support materials for granting real opportunities to individuals engaged in sport (18-30 years old) to enhance their ‘employability pathway’ by developing their entrepreneurial skills and competences. This will be achieved by harnessing the complimentary and overlapping dimensions of entrepreneurship and sport thereby enhancing their opportunities for a dual career. 

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Analyse your Competencies


Use the self assessment tool to analyse your entrepreneurial competencies

Trainer Toolkit


A 10 module toolkit has been developed for trainers. The toolkit has been developed for trainers to give the opportunity to the participants to realize the importance of ethics in sport and in everyday life, with a special focus on entrepreneurial sector.




News, articles, reports and general  items of interest relating to sport and entrepreneurship. 

Training Programme


SPORT-ENT has developed a unique 'step-by-step' blended learning entrepreneurship training programme for sports people – using both on-line and off-line activities to include activities relating to the key overlapping entrepreneurship and football characteristics that successful entrepreneurs possess.



Mentoring is a very effective way for aspiring entrepreneurs to get the help and support they need to succeed. It enables them to harness the knowledge and expertise of those who have been there and done it before.

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