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This page is regularly updated with news, articles, reports and general  items of interest relating to sport and entrepreneurship. 

Several Open Books
European Survey - Second Career Path


SPORT-ENT undertook an international survey of 328 young football players across 6 European national football associations asked players dozens of questions on their attitude towards their second career path. 

NOTE: The results of the Survey informed the development of the Training Programme and Trainer Toolkit.

3 Ways Entrepreneurship Is Changing The World Of Sports


Entrepreneurship is affecting everything. As entrepreneurs continue to branch out in all directions, we're seeing clear changes in how people interact with these various markets and industries, and it's more exciting than anyone can properly say ... Here are three ways I've seen entrepreneurship change the world of sports. (Adam Fridman)

50 Best Sports Business ideas & Opportunities for 2021


The sports industry is so large for any corporation to monopolize the industry, no matter how large the corporation is. One good thing about sports related businesses is that you can afford to start small in your city and then grow the business within a period of time to become a multi – million Dollars Company; Part of what you will require to achieve this is consistency, dedication, creativity and good business management skills.

Sports Business and Entrepreneurship


This is a ground-breaking course run by Bristol City Robins Foundation based at Bristol City Football Club that gives you three years of hands-on experience of setting up and running your own business alongside your studies.

Sport, fitness, and lifestyle entrepreneurship


So far, most of the work has focused on sport-based entrepreneurship (Ratten 2011), but plenty of further research is required related to how sport entrepreneurship interacts and co-exists with the fitness and lifestyle sectors. In general, there is a need for scholarship and practical examinations that further map how entrepreneurship can be applied to the fitness and lifestyle industries International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal (2020) 16:783–793 - Paul Jones & Vanessa Ratten & Ted Hayduk

29 Pro Athletes Who Became Entrepreneurs, And How They Are Still Winning Out Of The Stadium


You’ve probably heard the cliché a thousand times: Business is like baseball because you can only win with teamwork. We figured if sports was so similar to business, then the best sports players should be the best businessmen. Below are short profiles of 29 athletes, and how they were able to transfer their sports skill to their businesses..

Similarities between entrepreneurs and sports


Before understanding the parallels between sports and business, it is necessary to understand how entrepreneurs and athletes are similar. Let’s begin by examining the characteristics of an entrepreneur. There are seven key characteristics that successful entrepreneurs possess and are worth exploring. (Martin Luenendonk - February 27, 2018)

Sport innovation: the role of social entrepreneurship

Dr Vanessa Ratten, Associate Professor (Entrepreneurship and Innovation), La Trobe 
University (


Sports entrepreneurship is a rapidly emerging area of entrepreneurship and sport management research. The process of sports entrepreneurship involves social entrepreneurial and social innovative activities that are carried out in the sports context. Sport as an industry is amongst the world’s largest and affects other industries including education and tourism, which have a integral focus on social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Are you born an entrepreneur or sportsperson?
The core of entrepreneurship lies the creation of new business ventures by individuals or teams. Sports too are not always about an individual alone. It is about being able to perform as a part of a collective unit. Learning to work with people and build relationships is an inherent part of both sports and entrepreneurship. (Arman Sood Feb 26, 2016)
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