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Trainer Toolkit

The toolkit has been developed for trainers to give the opportunity to the participants to realize the importance of ethics in sport and in everyday life, with a special focus on entrepreneurial sector. The sessions are divided in four different steps: Introduction/Brainstorming, Main activity (debates, practical, roleplay), Debriefing and Final evaluation. 

The structure proposed could be changed and adapted by trainers according to the specific needs of the participants and considering the final aim the facilitators would like to achieve. 

Adult Education Course
List of Toolkit Topics


  1. Patience, motivation and perseverance

  2. Financial and economic literacy

  3. Mobilizing Others/Leadership

  4. Planning & Management - Market analysis & Business plan

  5. Working with Others/Teamwork - Negotiation

  6. Self-awareness & Self-confidence

  7. Creativity & Vision: Spotting Opportunities

  8. Respect & Ethics

  9. Commitment & Discipline

  10. Coping with risk and uncertainty/Resilience


60 pages - 18MB

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